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La vie, un tango mystérieux, danse éternelle,
Dans ses bras, nous tourbillonnons, légers et frêles.
Les jours, les nuits, s'entremêlent en mélodie,
Chaque instant est un pas dans cette symphonie.

Life, a mysterious tango, an eternal dance,
In its arms, we whirl around, light and delicate.
Days and nights interweave in melody,
Each moment is a step in this symphony.

Kenneth Siu - The Founder


                Kenneth Siu is a renowned hairdresser who made a significant impact in the fashion world from an early age. His involvement in fashion shows across various continents, including Asia and Europe, showcased his immense talent. Working in major cities like Paris, London, Sydney, and Hong Kong, Siu brought his creative vision to life through numerous outstanding hairstyles. His work not only impressed the fashion industry but also set trends and influenced hairstyling on a global scale. His ability to blend artistic flair with technical expertise made him a sought-after name in the fashion world, where he collaborated with prominent brands and artists. His journey reflects a blend of cultural influences and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of hairstyling.


Kenneth Siu stands as a towering figure in the realm of hairdressing, having garnered an immense global following on YouTube with a staggering 100 million viewers and an ever-growing community of over 450,000 subscribers. His channel is not just popular; it is a phenomenon, firmly positioned as the #1 Asian Hairdressing YouTube platform in the world.

Kenneth’s unparalleled skills, innovative techniques, and artistic vision have made him an iconic image in global hairdressing. He transforms hair into a canvas of creativity, showcasing transformations that inspire both seasoned professionals and hair enthusiasts alike. His approach to hairdressing goes beyond mere styling; it is a form of artistry, a true passion that captivates and engages audiences from every corner of the globe.


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